Is a 300mm @21mp same as a 600mm@10mp?

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Nice, but why not vertical?

Victor Engel wrote:

This applies to distant subjects where the lens is not diffraction

Multiply together:

Focal length
Crop factor
Pixel count in horizontal dimension (not MP count)
Teleconverter multiplier

If the resulting number is higher, you can resolve more detail.

From this number, you must back off a bit for things like diffraction
and softness introduced by adding extra elements, if appropriate (if
using a teleconverter).

Isn't vertical (the shorter dimension) better to compare cameras with different ratios? Or are crop factors (for instance, the 2x of FourThirds) calculated based on the horizontal? I guess I could just look up the specs...

EDIT: Yeah, looking at the specs, horizontal it is. I still think vertical is more relevant to come up with crop factors though.

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