Is a 300mm @21mp same as a 600mm@10mp?

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Re: Is a 300mm @21mp same as a 600mm@10mp?

ryanholio wrote:

If I am shooting with lets say a 300mm f/2.8 that is 20+ MP camera is
that about the same as shooting with a 10mp camera using a 600mm lens?

It also depends on sensor sizes. With the same sensor size you'll need 4x (not 2x) as much MP for a 300mm lens to give you the same "reach" as a 600mm lens. So, a 40MP camera with a 300mm lens is equivalent to a 10MP with a 600mm lens.

The reason I ask is I have a 1D MK III and a 300mm f/2.8 IS lens. IF
I were to switch to say a 1Ds MK III at 21MP is it ABOUT equal to a
using a 500-600mm Lens on my 10mp 1D MK III?

In these cases you have different sensor sizes, but the answer is still no. Using the longer lenses on the 1DIII will give you better reach and most probably much better quality and less noise.

I find that shooting small birds/animals I have to REALLY crop to get
anything worthwhile. I know a longer focal length would solve the
problem but would more MP do the same thing?

Other than the 1.3 crop factor what am I missing here?

Pixel density. With the same lens, the 1DsIII has more pixel density, so the image of your subject will be put on more pixels.

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