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Re: Oh dear...

SLove wrote:

Barrie Davis wrote:

Well, there you go... [shrugs].

In contrast to you, I have a Zeiss Nettar rollfilm folder from late
50s, and its rear element IS a coated one.

I have on of those, too, with a 75/4.5 Novar (triplet) and the rear
element of that lens is certainly coated.

What do you make of that?

Zeiss Ikon was known for making very high quality cameras even in the
lower end of the price spectrum. Also Zeiss probably had better
coating technology and lower costs for coating than the smaller
manufacturers like Steinheil Muenchen. The smaller German optics
makers were tiny by modern standards. They typically had just one
small factory in a single city.


Zeiss owned the patent for the coating process but lost their rights to it, as all German firms did as a result of the 1940's version of the Treaty of Versailles. And, of course, Zeiss then re-established themselves in the American Zone and were keen to recapture lost ground.

Talking of that, does anyone know if Zeiss were only allowed to make cameras for export to the USA as, f'instance, Leitz were until 1949 or 1950?

Regards, David

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