50D BLOWS away the 40D

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Re: Strangest things happened.

carlk wrote:

Strangest things happened this time with 50D introduction. After a
few initial Nikon trolls you hardly see them any more. Instead you
see quite a few Nikon owners came here to praise the new camera. On
the other hand all the 50D bashing seem to come from 40D owners in
denial. Because all of sudden their new 40D is no longer the latest
and greatest.

All I can say to them is it’s already happened there is nothing you
can do to change that. Just go enjoy your great camera (I mean it)
and follow your future upgrade plan. The next camera you buy
whether it’s 50D, 60D, 70D or whatever will still be a great camera
to take pictures.

You're kidding right?

Sorry but this all started after the DPreview came out. It was the 50D owners who were upset. Just look at all repetitive threads going on and on about how they didn't like the dpreview. Maybe they should have followed your own advice and just said "pfft its one review, big deal, I have a nice camera that I like and will ignore dpreviews opinion and just take pictures".

No...instead some decided to post endless threads attacking the review. And what was this great insult that upset 50D so much. Simple. It didn't find the 50D picture quality a significant improvement over the 40D. Everything else was positive and I think they even mentioned that it was an evolutionary step up from the 40D. But that wasn't good enough. It was that single point about the 50D not "blowing away the 40D" that caused all the furour. So of course, to justify their new purchase, certain fanboys felt the need to attack the 40D and spout the same garbage I've seen spat out by certain Nikon fanboys about the 40D.

Sorry...but I don't believe the advent of the 40D made the 30D a bad camera (I wish I could take half as many great shots with my 40D as I've seen taken with 30 and 20D's), yet one bad review and suddenly a bunch of 50D fanatics feel the need to cr@p all over the 40D.

I am perfectly happy with my 40D thanks and yes I go out and take pictures regularly. I have no problem recognizing that the 50D is the next step up the evolutionary scale for the x0D cameras. I just refuse to buy into the BS that the addition of the 50D makes my 40D any less of a great camera. I feel sorry for you guys that appear to be unable to accept that.
Cheers Mike

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