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Re: Lens Heater

vufndr wrote:

I've been using hand warmers but would like to find a better
solution. I'm looking at these heaters which sound pretty good.


The Premier or Firefly line look like they'd be perfect for photography.

Curious what you are powering your camera with...ie external battery
pack or mains power. I'm looking at using an deep cycle battery or
power pack hooked up via a cable connector that i've cut off from
dck-e1 ac power adapter for my 1ds2.

These look perfect!! In terms of power, I'm actually just using the normal battery that came with the camera - leaving it overnight on continuous shooting has never drained it completely.

Thanks for all the responses guys, I really appreciate them. Once I get the heater I'll let you know how it goes.

Ecoh wrote:

There are electric heating pads made for the beds of small animals, some are > made for outdoor use.

And I'll be getting one of these for my dog!!

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