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Data format versus processing

ted w dillard wrote:

So I'm thinking you mean backwards compatibility in terms of
rendering notes and quality of results, not actual basic file
support, is that fair to say?

Yes - it's very important to separate in people's minds the format you're storing the data in and the processing of that data. I know it seems like I'm harping on a silly point, but lots and lots of people are confused about what storing edits in DNG and DNG becoming a standard really means in practical terms and I'm concerned they're assuming that DNG is going to do something for them it's not designed to do. The misunderstanding isn't too surprising because lots of folks are still confused about raw in general. Raw (in digital photography terms) is not a file format, it is a type of data.

If you are really serious about archiving your data, file formats going obsolete are a non-issue. You should be refreshing your archive media anyhow, because it doesn't last forever. When a file format is starting to go out of date, before you delete the last program that reads that file format from your system, you transition your archive to a new format. Even formats that are obsolete are fairly easy to reverse engineer. I really think the worries about file formats going obsolete are overblown because if there is a need, there will be someone willing to tackle it for money, for example

Again, sorry... and, for the record, I credit Bibble with a swift
kick to the industry's head in adopting RAW processing! (a good
thing... heh.) Thanks!

Not a problem, it's easy to be misunderstood when all you have to go on is text and no tone of voice. If we had been talking in person I would have noticed your expression and changed my tack.

Any credit for getting raw converters into the mainstream goes to Eric and his willingness to sacrifice sleep and leisure time for the good of photographer's everywhere

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