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Re: let's see

cityphotographer wrote:

ted w dillard wrote:

nervous, right.

I just noticed every time you make another of your ridiculous posts
we get another couple of signatures on the petition... keep it
coming, dude.



you are maybe becoming offensive now?

can you blame me? I was actually just trying to inject some humor to keep my head from exploding.

I only wanted to know who owns the Copyrights of the DNG thing and
you came out all nervous and now even sarcastic with the intention to

That has not been clear and available information from the very start? And WHAT, may I ask, gives you the impression that I'm nervous??

But I understand, explaining the Copyrights thing thing was a tough
one .

ah.. copy rights means rights to copy or not to copy (to be clear)
.. ya know?

See Jeff's comments following.

this DNG thing is really becoming funnier and funnier and the truth
is coming out little by little. And when I see you sponsors nervous
then I know that I'm doing good.

Now the good part: I'm not "nice" by nature, but since I make my
living taking pictures you sure understand that I can't allow a bunch
of amateurs screaming around on behalf of a big software corporation
putting in danger the integrity and future integrity of the work that
I do.

And this is nothing yet, wait and watch me if this attempt of yours
becomes something more than a "home-made in the kitchen while
drinking" thing.

...and you're accusing me of being insulting. You're adding threats, too. (for a second or third time, I might add...) Great.

I said it before and I'll repeat it now just to make myself clear
once again: I'm not willing to kid around about this.

you bet

OK, now I'm going to let off some steam. I think we've patiently indulged you at every step of this discussion and I've had enough. If you take the time to research the issue, all of these concerns and questions are answered, and beyond that, we've given you links to some simply exhaustive resources.

You need to read and try to understand them, though.

You've been condescending and insulting from your very first post. You suggested then, and still do, that we are kidding around. How can you see the work that has been done on this and say that? It's clear, too, that you don't understand the reality of the issues, as all of us have pointed out repeatedly, continuing with this thread about copyright and ownership...

You made an incredibly judgmental comment about my agenda early on, and other people's agendas... It's clear to me from your repeated posts of circular logic or complete lack of logic, that your agenda is not to discuss this issue, but to either amuse yourself or bring attention to yourself, or both. You even had the nerve to say that one of the posters "owed it to the forum" to do something he'd done repeatedly. Well you, my friend, owe it to the forum to do your research and not trivialize the hard work and opinions of those who have.

I have nothing but respect for those who know what they are talking about, have done the research, and disagree with my opinions, in fact, I think that is the only way to truly learn, through respectful disagreement. That, however, is not what you're interested in.

I've looked at your history of posts on this forum, and the comments other more experienced users of this forum have made, and take a little solace in the fact that you've been pretty consistent in this tone and approach... fine. At least I know it's nothing to do with this issue.

"Beware arguing with a fool, you soon begin to look like one."

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