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Re: let's see

cityphotographer wrote:

I only wanted to know who owns the Copyrights of the DNG thing and
you came out all nervous and now even sarcastic with the intention to

But I understand, explaining the Copyrights thing thing was a tough
one .

Actually, it ain't copyrights at play here, it's patent law (different law, different implications too) and yes, Adobe owns it and has offered a very open license to anybody who wants to use it and would also grant the ISO the right to use it if/when they adopt it for TIFF-EP. Adobe already has a track record of granting patent licenses to the ISO for use in ISO specs. They did so with PDF and TIFF (which is the basis of TIFF-EP which is what most of the camera makers are already using)

So, if Nikon and Canon were "afraid" of Adobe coming back at them over DNG, I wonder why they aren't afraid of using TIFF-EP. Heck, Canon even used TIFF as their first raw file format for the 1Ds (which was really stupid).

Sorry, this doesn't help your point much at all...

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