best soft skin "how to?"

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Re: best soft skin

Very helpful.

vwgn wrote:

I am no PS expert, but a frind of mine emailed me a tutorial on how
to do it in PS with no plug ins etc, just some layer/mask work and I
have been OVERLY pleased with the results...This may already been
posted, but I didnt go thru all the links, sorry if it has been...

Dup your background layer, change blend mode to overlay.

Filter> other> highpass (not the highpass further up the menu), make
sure your duplicate layer is the one you apply this to.

make sure the radius is 9 or 10 in the dialog box, click ok. the dup
layer thumbnail will be solid gray at this point

cmd or ctrl + I to invert the layer and it will become blurry like a
soft focus filter has been applied

adjust opacity slider to get desired effect/look

create a layer mask for the duplicate layer, set brush to black and
paint over eyes, lips and any other areas you want to be extra sharp
compared to the skin (removing the effect from where you painted with
the brush)

flatten image and your done... takes me about 2 minutes from open
image to done..its completely un-doable and looks good. I suppose you
could make an action to do the dup layer and high pass filter etc and
stop at the point where you needed to adjust opacity and mask in
sharp objects, but I just havent done it since it would take me as
long to find the action and run it as it would to just do the few

hope this helps!

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