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Re: let me tell you something


No offense, but please don't ask others to not pass long un/half truths and then do so yourself.

Anyone who told you (or told the person who told you) that the encryption was an accidental result of some new method of storing the WB data is misinformed, incorrect or lying.

There is no benefit from the encryption, it makes nothing easier for anyone ,all it does is obscure data that used to be in the clear. The WB gains in question are in the same portion of the block after it is decrypted as they were before. Their form and funcion is the same. While there might be other data in the encrypted block that might reflect new methods, those new methods would have worked just fine had the block been in the clear in the first place, as nikons own software can't make any use of the data in the block either untill it is decrypted.

Closer to the truth as to why it was done would be fact that nikon strated storing other values in the same block realted to things like lens distortion correction and other defects that generally japanese companies don't like to be upfront about....values which they would prefer be obscured from view. So while the WB being encrypted (Since it was in the same block) might have been an oversight, the root reasson for the encryption has no pratical or other benefit other then to obscure data that nikon wanted to not be easily obtainable.


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