Call for DNG support from camera manufacturers Locked

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cityphotographer Senior Member • Posts: 2,510
oh .. is that so?

Adobe own the copyrights of the DNG thing and the specifications?


is that so?

ted w dillard wrote:
I already answered that. If you want to read it yourself, see the
original post. Click on the link with Tom Hogarty. Adobe owns it
and is trying to pass it off to the ISO, thus releasing ownership.
That has been said about 25 times in this thread.

Please stop wasting my time.


cityphotographer wrote:
you're not going to tell me who owns the copyrights of the DNG thing?


I'll find out by myself then

thanks for nothing, uh!

ted w dillard wrote:

This discussion has become ridiculous... and it's not lost on me
that, the more you are confronted with good research and facts that
dispute your claims, the more aggressive and threatening your tone

Barry can certainly speak for himself, but I'm done indulging you.


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