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Re: does that mean that

But what they typically DON'T do is apply exactly the same scepticism
to NEF and CR2; to Nikon and Canon.

This is what boggles my mind, frankly. I've been trained on every major digital capture system since about 1998. I've seen every manufacturer make mistake after mistake. I think Jeff said it somewhere, but there's not one of them who has either offered software that is complete garbage, or processing that was junk, or files that had compatibility issues, or have gone away (the whole damn company, mind you), really, the list goes on and on, right to the current debacle with Nikon's new NX2 not supporting edits done in previous versions. Their tech support, by the way, couldn't even tell my friend what was and was not supported where.

I simply cannot imagine trusting the camera manufacturers to act wisely, even in their own best interests, never mind mine, or the industry's. I was fairly connected to a few people in the Kodak DSLR team and to say it was a mess doesn't even touch the reality.

The one single company who has, across the board, not just photography, tried to make sensible, forward-thinking decisions about issues like this has been Adobe. Right down to the current "non-destructive workflow", and my happy little Smart Objects.

I have to add, someone a while back said they "hate pdf". How can anybody hate a pdf file?

That all said, even if some no-name company offered a legitimate open standard and had the will and horsepower to pull it off, I'd back them up, too, but nobody has. It's the DNG baby, it's not out of love for Adobe.

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