D700 has focus problems....

Started Nov 12, 2008 | Discussions thread
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Question for OP

Question for ya, did you have a flash commander/pocket wizard or similar device on the hot shoe?

I have discovered a prodlem with my D3, when i have anything in the hot shoe, it wont AF accurately, sometimes it wont lock on at all in light that the D3 will normally easy snap into focus, and when it does actually say its locked on, most of the time it is slightly off... horribly bothersome, my D3 is on its way to nikon to have it looked at...

and I've done lots of back to back comparisons to test this issue, it happened both with my flash commander and my pocket wizards (strangely not with my speedlights)

anyone else notice this at all?

or am i crazy
Im a doubting thomas

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