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Re: Won't matter ...

Barry Pearson wrote:

echelon2004 wrote:

So your information is pretty much based on google searches and
Dpreview text?

No, of course not! I was trying to make things easy for you.

Thank you, that was kind.

Looked at your list though ... dunno what to say. Looks to be the same old list as always before.

Read my web pages, and you will find 100s of external links that you
can use to verify what I say:

(I thought you had dropped out of this discussion?)

I did. Than I dropped back in. I decided I must try to protect my native raws

Still nothing to support your claims about DNG being the only 100% safe archive method though. Than again, I suppose it all depends on which DNG files we talk about. Those of earlier generations? Those of today? Those with support for RGB sensors rather than bayer sensors. I mean, how would you know?

Which still is why I think it's madness to try to create a standard now. There's no way it will work, it's just a waste of time and money

But now I will actually drop out of this. I'll popback in in a few years and see how your "reference links" and the awsome list of never heard of software is doing

Cheers, good luck with your quest.

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