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Re: let me tell you something

cityphotographer wrote:

since the D2x Adobe adopted the trick to don't support a new camera
with big numbers (in sales) with the current ACR

Adobe has NEVER supported a new camera with the current ACR!

That design requirement applied long before the D2X. It arises because new camera details have to be determined and built into the code of ACR.

if Adobe's intentions about the raws were genuine they wouldn't ask
you more money every time a new big model comes out.

They DON'T ask you for more money every time a new big model comes out. Here are some examples of free ACR upgrades that supported important new cameras:

ACR 2.2: Coolpix 8700; D70; C-8080; SD9; SD10.

ACR 2.3: Powershot S60; R-D1; S20 Pro; Coolpix 5400.

ACR 2.4: EOS 1Ds II; 20D; Powershot G6; Powershot S70; DiMAGE A200; DYNAX 7D; *ist DS; DSC-V3.

ACR 3.2: DYNAX 5D; Aptus 22; Valeo 17; D Lux2; Coolpix 8400; Coolpix 8800; D2Hs; D50; D70s; DMC FZ-30; DMC LX1.

ACR 3.3: EOS 1D II N; 20Da; 5D; Finepix E900; Finepix S5200; Finepix S9000; P850; P880; ZD; D200; E-500; SP310; SP350; SP500UZ; *ist DL; *ist DS2; DSC-R1.

ACR 3.4: 30D; R-D1s; Aptus 65; Aptus 75; E-330; SP-320; *ist DL2; GX-1S.

ACR 3.5: P712; D2Xs; DMC-FZ50; DMC-L1; A100.

ACR 3.6 (beta + full): 400D; Finepix S6000fd; Finepix S9100; D Lux3; Digilux 3; V-Lux1; D80; E400; SP510 UZ; DMC-LX2; K100D; K110D; GX-1L;

ACR 3.7: Finepix 6500fd; D40; K10D.

I won't bother to continue with ACR 4.x series. The message is the same: upgrades that require a new Photoshop are determined by the release date of Photoshop, not the release of new camera models.

Look at some of the models in the above list! These are surely big (in sales) new models:

Nikon D70, D2Hs, D50, D70s, D200, D2Xs, D80, D40.

Canon EOS 1Ds II, EOS 1D II N, 20Da, 5D, 30D, 400D.

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