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hiding the truth?

ehy, if you want to talk to me you better be honest and tell the truth

I'm damn serious about you.

what do you work for Adobe for real?

the D2x mandatory upgrade to the whole new version of Photoshop is something that you can't hide. It's in the history.

the same with the 5DII

now if anything I'd understand if Adobe wanted some money for upgrading ACR but they went for the whole photoshop to be upgraded. And they'll do it again with the 5DII

careful now: it's not like you are talking to somebody who doesn't know: look at me: I know stuff, pal

and you are getting on my nerves now: you are one of us or you are not one of us?

I mean it. what side you are in for this?

Adobe is a great marketing machine, they sure know how to stay in the business. But your excuses for them are pathetic, if you are one of us. And also pathetic if you are one of them.

think twice before you write to me, from now on. I won't tolerate anything less than the honest truth from now on.

Barry Pearson wrote:

cityphotographer wrote:

now Adobe uses the raws to sell the upgrades (they did it with the
D2x first -and Nikon responded hiding the WB , and it was a "sign")
and they did it again with the 5D Mark II

That statement is incorrect for various reasons:

  • Most upgrades to ACR work for the (then) current version of

Photoshop. (CS had 4 upgrades of ACR after the release version, CS2
had 7, CS3 had 6, all plus intermediate beta versions).

  • Adobe CHOSE to launch DNG, and it enables photographers with new

cameras to stick with CS. Well over 150 camera models launched since
CS2 came out can have their raw images processed using ACR 2.4 and
CS. Adobe haven't tried to hide that fact.

  • Adobe themselves supply alternatives to Photoshop+ACR for raw

conversion: Lightroom and Elements.

Why mention the D2X? It was supported in 3.1, so you ignored all the
2.x upgrades which supported other camera models. At least 4 cameras
(including the Canon 350D) were first supported with 3.1.

The fact is that Adobe depends on the manufacturer's code. When Nikon
did the trick with the WB they got worried. Really worried. Nikon and
Canon can put them in troubles any time. Maybe (and I repeat maybe)
because Adobe doesn't share the money they get when Canon and Nikon
introduce a new model?)

It is Canon and Nikon that cause the upgrades to ACR and other raw
converters to be needed. Canon and Nikon could, with immediate
effect, ensure that their new cameras would work with old versions of
ACR, Lightroom, etc.

It is Canon and Nikon who are in control of this misery being forced
upon many photographers.

Don't Nikon SELL their upmarket raw conversion software?

What is this "manufacturer's code" that you claim Adobe depends on?

once they'll have their standard they'll have to find another way to
sell the upgrades (obviously,and that's out of the question because
they have to make money every day).

Adobe's business model CAN'T rely on new camera models to sell
upgrades to Photoshop! Adobe supply DNG which enables photographers
to avoid upgrades, and Canon and Nikon could also avoid the need for
upgrades. Adobe have no control of this situation.

Another situation that Adobe are aware of is Microsoft's JPEG XR
initiative, which is likely to cause many photographers not to use
raw in future, if the camera makers use it. Once again, Adobe can't
dictate what photographers and camera makers will do, but have to
adapt and compete. THAT is the real Adobe business model.

You appear to be over-estimating the proportion of upgrades of
Photoshop that are triggered by new camera models.

For example, I'm an amateur who has used DNG for over 4 years, so I
don't need to take upgrades to support my new cameras (which anyway
have a DNG option!) Yet I have taken all Photoshop upgrades during
that time. And all versions of Lightroom. I upgrade because the new
versions are worth the money to me.

There are perhaps 50 or so other raw converters out there that can be
used instead of ACR or Lightroom. They range from free to major and
respectable professional-class products. Many photographers use a
not-Adobe raw converter then use Photoshop. (Many users of Photoshop
are not photographers, and many photographers using Photoshop shoot
JPEG not raw).

Anyone who wants to avoid upgrading software (Adobe software or
otherwise) when new camera models appear needs to sign the petition
to request Canon and Nikon to use DNG as an option - it is precisely
what those photographers need.

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