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let me tell you something

I told the real story, already.
But you didn't get it, so I'll respond to you telling the real story again:

what do we have here?

Adobe and Canon, Nikon, Sony (and the others): mainly Canon and Nikon

since the D2x Adobe adopted the trick to don't support a new camera with big numbers (in sales) with the current ACR

Nikon didn't like it

so Nikon made the WB not easy to find (for Adobe)

then Adobe saw the threat (for their mandatory upgrades)

now the best part (it involves you, and users like you promoting the adobe's standard). Please read carefully:

what did Adobe do?

instead of trying to reason (with money,. most likely) they made a bet:

the bet: you (Nikon) wanna see how I bypass your stupid code with the help of the users (who then have to pay me for whatever I do and say) ?

and Nikon said: no.. they are not stupid, they know that you'll ask them money, and money ...

adobe: watch me, all I have to do is to get few of them on my side and then promote my standard instead of yours.

Nikon : and then they'll have to buy your stuff or else? nah.. they are not that stupid. You won't even make it to the door of the bank.

and Adobe is still trying, hard.

and there you are: you, I'm talking to you now.

see where you are?


if Adobe's intentions about the raws were genuine they wouldn't ask you more money every time a new big model comes out.

and the "you have to buy my stuff or else" concept is in full force.

open your eyes and look.

don't convince others about things you don't even know!

now either you are genuine or you preach the adobe's cause because you don't think or you don't know or you get paid by adobe.

because it makes no sense (to us): but only to Adobe's interests.

wake up, people

sir_bazz wrote:
o you

If the 5D MkII could shoot DNG then you wouldn't need to upgrade you
current version of PS or ACR.


Adobe wants more money to use the raws of the 5DII


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