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Re: Call for DNG support from camera manufacturers

Ted, it took a long time but I read through this entire thread - phew!

I shoot NEF and until mid year this year, used LR and converted all my files to dng upon import, then 'fiddled' with them so to speak; this I was happy with. Then I bought another Nikon camera and with it came NX1.3 and what a difference to the files I've found. Within NX, I've since upgraded to NX2, even shooting NEF files you retain all the secret sauce Nikon puts into their camera processing engine and for me, the files a streets ahead of the files I squirted into LR.

Since the release of LRv2 I haven't as yet upgraded this software and each day I use LR less and less but do recognise that it appears the DNG format only gets updated to include new generation cameras rather a whole new DNG format at each iteration. For this I think Adobe, love'em or hate'em, is doing a sterling job and should be applauded.

Now, I've signed your petition for I do believe that as consumers we should be offered the most choice whether that's DNG, NEF in my case/TIFF or jpeg. My concern though is this...moving to a DNG shooting format right now would mean I lose the Nikon camera settings, which now I've discovered them and they work for me, I'm loathed to change.

Further, NX2 currently is unable to read a DNG file so every DNG file I possess I still have to use LR to view it which is a pain in the rear end.

Anyway, good luck and I for one hope that the OEMs listen and take action.

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