O.K. all of you NX and NX 2 proponents....

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Re: Tony... Maybe you need Aperature:)

Hi Howard,

I agree, the develop module could use a bit more user friendly improvements in NX2.

Curve adjustments would benefit greatly from keyboard controls. I could actually live with only the converter and the curve adjustments as the only function in NX. Although, I just discovered "the Power" of Camera Settings function's Gray Point adjustment.

What I do not understand is why NX2 is referred to as clunky and counter intuitive or slow... I realize that everybody has their own work habits based on previous generations of converters and PS. However, for NEF files, on opening NX does everything that would require considerable time to achieve in Aperture, LR or ACR.

So, just to open a nef file and get to where NX is on opening, in my experience takes a lot longer in any other converter. The Gray Point setting in LR and ACR is not as accurate as in Aperature or NX and neither has Curve function. Even with Aperature vs. NX, the curve function with NX is faster and more accurate than Aperature's very flashy Levels and Color adjustments. Pretty interface for visual "correction", but not very accurate for printing.

The fact that I could not use C1PRO 4 or the last versions of C1Pro 3 for NEF files to me is a great disappointment.

I made my decision to go with NX after considerable effort of wanting to work with C1Pro or LR. Interestingly, I ended up with Aperature as a secondary part of my processing step. The CMYK option with Loupe is very reassuring to have as a final check before printing.

I have a considerable file overload initially as well, presently I am exploring the Batch function of Aperature, Give it a look see!

And in a way, a considerable number of files are just that... a lot of work! Unfortunately or not:)
Tony K

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