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prosumer cameras don't sell

I could swear I remember discussion like that from year or two behind were people said there's no reason for prosumer cameras anymore. DSLR are cheap and no one would buy a P&S camera that costs even more than a dslr body. It's good to see that the trend is changing and even the naysayers have to agree that there's a market for expensive, quality P&S cameras. Now if we would get even a lower pixel density and more speed my dreams would've become true. Wish the G10 had 10 megapixels... and that's funny because back in the G7 days I bashed those megapixels so much(for a good reason) but we've headed to even worse direction after that so I miss the "good old days".

Anyway I hope manufacturers finally understand that there are people that will pay big bucks from good cameras. Panasonic, Canon, Ricoh, Sigma etc. users have proven it.

Ps. I wasn't replying to anyone just read few posts and hit the reply button.

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