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Difference between a g10 and a lx3

I personally found the G10 too bulky and not enough "low light" for street photography, besides, I'm in love with my lx3

However here is the best description I read about the difference between the Canon G10 and the LX3:


"At low ISO, for most sizes, the LX3 and the G10 will look close enough as makes no difference, stunning-detail-wise. But you will be able to make larger prints with the G10 for pics taken at base ISO. So this boils down to just a practical concern as to how large you want to print.

In low light situations, both cameras will have very similar quality at certain sizes, but the LX3 will yield larger pictures with fewer distracting artifacts due to its faster lens and arguably better ISO 400 performance. The thing is, ISO 400 is the deal-breaker--a lot of indoor and evening shots are going to fall in this category and the ISO is still low enough to yield excellent results (with some care). And if you find that you've drawn the line at some point in low light conditions (won't go above ISO 200 or 400 or won't shoot below 1/15 sec shutter, etc.), then the difference between the two cameras ceases to become one of quality--it's whether you even succeed in taking the shot or not. The LX3 will allow the shot in cases where the G10 won't."

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street photography is a passion

A nice present for fellow photographers: 'Street photography for the purist'

http: cweeks.deviantart.com/art/Street-Photography-38038974?q=street+photography+for+the+purist
(Click on 'download' once there and enjoy)

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