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Can't say about comparable pricing - haven't seen branded PC with such configuration. Basically it looks as if Apple took solid server core (board, processors, RAM) and paired with some average - or even subaverage desktop components (graphics card, hdd) and put all in fancy case with no storage nor power redundancy out of the box (which should be must for high-end pro system - from my point of view). Result is expensive and not nicely balanced (again, from my point of view), with too many bottlenecks in basic system and too much money needed to bring whole box up to a level with processing power.

Definitely not my type of machine, be it Mac or PC...

gdanmitchell wrote:

Nikon133 wrote:

I'm not saying you cannot upgrade Mac pro, I'm just saying base box
seems a bit pricey for what is already in.

A Mac generally costs essentially the same as a comparably equipped
PC from a main line manufacturer. Yes, you can build your own PC if
that is your thing and get something for less.

The "base box" has pretty much everything that most users will need -
they don't need to add anything except application software. Those
using the computer for more processor intensive applications (e.g.
photo software) will add more RAM and larger hard drives whether they
go the Windows route or the Mac OS route.

I work at a large institution that is dual-platform, supplying
comparable systems from Dell and Apple to employees. A team of
Windows and Mac users works to develop these specs, and over a period
of quite a few years we have seen very little difference in the
institutional prices of comparable systems from the two manufacturers

  • sometimes the Windows option is a bit less expensive, sometimes the

Mac option is.


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