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orphans and raws

it's all about money.

let me explain:

almost a year ago I moved a proposal (seriously, I did, to my association and I know that it went up to hill)

the proposal was simple : to make the publishers pay for the orphans at the current rates, only instead of paying to the Agency of the owner of the rights they had to pay to a special "orphan" account. and post the code of the payment as the regular byline


soooo simple

not a chance . LOL

the game was unclear (a year ago) but now we know that it was about the money, and only about the money: who wanted to be reasonable and do the right thing?

the same here:

I know why Adobe wants all the cameras with their standard. Who else is there writing "open" software , and in the long run? But that's not even the real reason. (keep reading, please)

but the best part comes with the users actually believing in it as a form of freedom from the manufacturers (who give the software for free and from the start, while Adobe doesn't)

I say that's the same exact motivation. The old one. The money.

there is a clear hint:

now Adobe uses the raws to sell the upgrades (they did it with the D2x first -and Nikon responded hiding the WB , and it was a "sign") and they did it again with the 5D Mark II

The fact is that Adobe depends on the manufacturer's code. When Nikon did the trick with the WB they got worried. Really worried. Nikon and Canon can put them in troubles any time. Maybe (and I repeat maybe) because Adobe doesn't share the money they get when Canon and Nikon introduce a new model?)

But depending on the manufacturer's code is not a good thing (for them, not for us). plain and simple

once they'll have their standard they'll have to find another way to sell the upgrades (obviously,and that's out of the question because they have to make money every day). And because they can't link the upgrades to the Jpegs then ...

go Yankees!


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