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I have to correct you right away

Jeff Schewe wrote:

Look, you may have your opinions about the motivations and agendas of
corporate initiatives...

that's a false and gross characterization of of my position that you just did: let me rephrase it for you

correct way:

"you have your opinions...etc etc"

incorrect way (yours):

"You may have your opinions ..etc etc"

'cause I do have my opinion about it. Clearly

it's a fact. stay with it (the fact) .

now let me state again why I don't trust Adobe and raws when they appear in the same sentence

right now (and I mean right now) if you want to use the raws taken by a 5D Mark II you need to buy an upgrade to your current version of Photoshop and ACR.


case closed, back to reality: people, I did the best I could.

P.S.from now on when you (specifically) need to refer to me please be accurate, don't characterize.

It's not like now all of the sudden we are friends and I have to allow you to take the liberty to characterize me. Because I don't (allow you to characterize me)


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