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Re: in conclusion

cityphotographer wrote:

"strange" things are happening, lately.

first the orphan works

strange indeed

then it came out that two major players in the internet world are the
real sponsors. Imagine that. Now everything comes to a reason.

similar to the DNG

another major player at play.

Actually, that's a gross mischaracterization of Adobe's DNG initiative. To lump it in the same breath as the Orphan Works problem is horsecrap and you know it.

Look, you may have your opinions about the motivations and agendas of corporate initiatives...fine (although personally, I really don't worry about black helicopters coming to get me) but too many people seem to have a completely uninformed opinion of DNG and that totally and completely plays into the camera makers' hand.

Anybody with half a clue would realize the current situation can not go on the rate of new cameras and their new raw file formats, even the camera companies are gonna choke on this stuff.

Some people may be philosophically opposed to standards, but without them, you couldn't use an iPhone to call somebody with a Nokia phone. Imagine where we would be if there were no standards of any kind on the web? (there are indeed SOME standards, in the case of the web, too many and certain companies from Redmond seem to like to break standards for their own purposes).

We've been in the wild west phase of digital photography...when it matures and grows up, it will HAVE to have standards, bet on it. It already does have some, EXIF, IPTC and TIFF-EP are three already incorporated. Problem is that standards bodies are really slow (and held up by corporate agendas) which is why Adobe choose the grassroots approach. But some people (you included?) seem to hate ANYTHING Adobe does, so Adobe has offered DNG to the ISO. If you think Adobe only, always did DNG for the "money" care to explain where Adobe has made any money with DNG? Fact is, if/when DNG is incorporated into TIFF-EP, Adobe actually stands to loose because it's competition then gets all of the advantages of DNG with Adobe having foot the bill and now gets an advantage by leveraging DNG for themselves.

Seriously, any photographer out there that thinks undocumented and proprietary raw file formats is a good thing, really need to learn the facts. It ain't good for photographers nor the long term state of the photo industry...

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