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Excellent Digital Sharpening Info

My first post here. I come to this as someone who does a fair amount of image processing from scanned photographs. I shoot mostly in print film and I'm about to take the digital plunge. Years ago I authored a number of books on the graphic arts in earlier days of what we used to call desktop publishing. I've been trying to improve my photography since I had my first camera at age 11. (It was one of the first steam driven models, about 1909, I think.)

One of the heroes of digital color and prepress is a guy named Bruce Fraser. Probably many of the folks here know of him from his excellent books and his various apperances in periodicals. There's not much question, I think, that he's an acknowledged master of digital stuff. He's very, very good at explaining these arcane issues in a down-to-earth and easy-to-understand style.

He has done two really excellent articles on the inherent softness of digital images of all kinds (scans, cameras, etc.), and what it takes to work them over to achieve the perception of sharpness. It's an issue that plagues all digital imaging, not just the D100.

I'll just offer these links for whatever help they may provide to those struggling with this issue:



This other link to an article by Luisa Simone is very helpful as well:


(As near as I can glean from a week of reading most every message here, I'm beginning to come to the conclusion that the solution to this D100 "problem" may be just finding a proper setting for sharpening in the camera, and it probably isn't Auto Sharpening. Or, better yet from my perspective, learning how to use Capture or Photoshop or some other software of your choice to do the sharpening later, having taken the photos with sharpening turned completely off.)

Hope this helps,
Rick Wallace

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