Call for DNG support from camera manufacturers Locked

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in conclusion

ted w dillard wrote:

well, one thing is certain. Neither of us has any idea what the
other is talking about...

I've tried to understand what you're issues are and why this isn't a
good solution for you and honestly, I can't figure it out. I've
tried to explain what I thought were your objections, and it seems
I've missed your point.

Clearly you feel strongly about this, but I don't have the energy to
continue the discussion, however distracting. I'll even let you have
the last word.

as I'll take that you're not drinking right now (correct?)

"strange" things are happening, lately.

first the orphan works

strange indeed

then it came out that two major players in the internet world are the real sponsors. Imagine that. Now everything comes to a reason.

similar to the DNG

another major player at play.

they all (because they are "major") have an agenda. Of course they do.

the third "funny" thing is that the first two (strange things) involve both the photo industry.

Best wishes.

same to you, and more

be good

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