5D AF sucks---see examples

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Re: Yes...

amobi wrote:

Rootbeer wrote:

amobi wrote:

All you guys are blind or some of you dance stationery.

at f4, 125ths, 1600 iso with a 70-200 f2.8 IS L lens, of high
contrast subjects, against a black wall, using the center AF point..?

I happen to think your example is blind if you believe that shows the
greatness of the 5D AF system performance..

Like I asked before.. Lets see the proofs! Lets see the out-takes!
How do we know you are just showing the best of the shots you managed
to take, while ignoring all the poor ones that you didn't get a good
AF lock on in all that great lighting to shoot in?

Put them up!

I will post some more but I already know you would still knock it down.

I'm actually very objective. ....my line of work, working for newspapers, rubs off on me a bit.. I promise you that I will be fair, and won't criticize your photos without reason.

Also, thank you in advance for posting them, because that will really add to this discussion.. If this topic reaches 150, please start a part II thread.

Thanks again!

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