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Re: Won't matter ...

Jeff Schewe wrote:

If I need to send a raw file to a client or magazine I
always ONLY send DNGs since all my edits and metadata are in that
single file.

yeah Ive heard about it: never happened to me but Ive heard about it, lately.

With the Orphan Works being brought into the US
Congress, all digital photographers whose copyright info is NOT in
the file may loose the right to sue for infringement if the infringer
could not identify whose image was used.

most of my work is on the getty's database. What you file won't be affected by the orphans but that's not really the point: look, just like this hidden Adobe's agenda the real sponsors of the orphans are microsoft and google. They want to free the internet. The result will be that editors and publishers now will perform a quick "diligent" search and use whatever they want.

That's the problem

I like the way you say things, but we unfortunately disagree (dramatically) about this Adobe-DNG thing.

and between us (as we were in private) the DNG is indeed an Adobe thing.

good luck, Jeff!

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