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Re: welcome back

ted w dillard wrote:

wait. do you think that the camera would have to convert totally to
the DNG standard, and could not support it's own independent files
and the DNG files at the same time?

what was that? You ask if I think what?

what are you talking about? Seriously: my cameras shoot raw, that's all I know and that's all I care. The DNG idea is not mine. You are confusing me with somebody else (at Adobe's maybe?). Because I really don't care about DNG, at all.

is that what concerns you?

again not at all. My cameras shoot raw and that's all I care.

Adobe would take total control of the raw files from the chip on out?

Adobe won't take control of anything of mine.

not gonna happen

if that is what worries you, that is incorrect.

I'm not worried, at all.

the camera can do both. their own raw files, unchanged from what
they are now, and a DNG.

my cameras only do what I say.

or, you're just toying with me and standing in the way of
recreational alcohol abuse.

you are the one drinking (that's what you said that you were doing few minutes ago): I am not (I don't drink as a matter of fact) but you are.

so maybe you want to rephrase that?

are you on your way to the bar to continue what you said you were doing already?

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