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Re: Won't matter ...

cityphotographer wrote:

you now have the opportunity to practice what you preach: if you are
genuine and really believe in what you just said and not paid by
adobe then you can do it right now: convert all your raws to DNG and
then enjoy all the non-Adobe applications, amateurish therefore
unstable/unreliable and professionals (paying for it).
If for you DNG is that good and powerful then you should do it right
now. And be proud. After all if it was that good then why do you need
to convince others about how good is it? If it's good then we'd all
use it. But we don't. guess why?

You directed that at Jeff, but I'll answer for myself.

I started to use DNG before mid-October 2004, about 2 weeks after it was launched. At that time I copied my original raw files to my PC, then converted them to DNG there.

About mid-June 2005 I changed to using the DNG Converter as the way of getting my images onto my PC. So the original raw files don't reach the PC, only DNGs converted from them. Once I have at least 2 copies of the DNGs on different media, I delete the original raw files from their cards. (I do NOT embed the original raw files in the DNGs).

I have never regretted deleting my original raw files. I don't expect ever to be troubled by it.

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