Call for DNG support from camera manufacturers Locked

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no! this is important

ted w dillard wrote:

if Adobe was genuinely interested on a free raw concept then why the
5DII raws are not included in the current ACR?

One simple reason, albeit a guess. They have had a delay in
developing the update due to Canon's lack of cooperation.

not willing to let it go so easily!

I'm not naive and so are you. Let's don't pay around the words:

Adobe did it for the money.


nothing wrong with it.

but it creates a reasonable expectation on how things may be in the real word. They have the power to do that now and they simply do it.

and our interest is not to pay more but to pay less or nothing at all when things are in control of the manufacturer

enough about this: I feel like I'm stating the obvious and yet I have to repeat myself .

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