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Re: Won't matter ...

Jeff Schewe wrote:

There is NOTHING in
the current situation of hundreds of undocumented, proprietary raw
file formats that is the least bit good for photographers.

Most photographers use only one, or maybe two brands. That hundreds (could you put up a list) of other raw file formats exist doesn't have an impact on me as a photographer.

current situation simply sucks for everybody except for the camera
makers. Having built-in DNG support in new cameras would benefit
everybody (and actually benefit the camera makers as well) because
new cameras would have built in compatibility with existing software.

I don't see how DNG support would benefit me, or others who shoot and process similar to what I do. I do see how it might raise the cost of the manufacturer's software and could eventually cause the camera manufactuerer to discontinue their raw converter software.

What built in compatibility are we talking about? Adobe has DNG today and promotes DNG as the method to make new cameras compatible with existing Adobe software.

In fact, DNG cameras would actually HELP the raw processing community
because individual raw processors would not need to decode each and
every format and allow small specialty companies to compete against
Adobe and Camera Raw easier. Even Nikon and Canon software could
process each other's raw files. Adopting DNG would actually HELP
those people who seem predisposed to hate Adobe because it would
provide opportunities to use NON-Adobe software.

Not entirely true. When camera manufacturers supply RAW converter software, it is because the software is an extension of the camera, allowing photographers to render and process their RAW files on a computer rather than using the camera's processor to create the image as a JPEG or TIFF. No third-party software will ever provide the same features as the manufacturer's RAW converter and no standard will change that. DNG will not change that.

Perhaps third-party software could include DNG as a format as Adobe does now. Photographers who prefer to use third-party software for rendering their RAW files could just use Adobe's DNG converter and then open the DNG files in the third-party software of their choice.

If you are a photographer, it would behoove you to actually know and
understand what the issues are. The industry, as it stands today is
NOT in the best interests of photographers...a standardized and fully
documented raw file format is–regardless of what you may think of

It often seems as if you wish to imply that photographers are a dumb group of smucks that don't know what is good for us. A generalization that photographers who don't fully support DNG are ignorant Adobe haters. That isn't true, but if you believe that, then I fear you will never make your case.

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