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Re: and while I believe that

I insist asking you to mark my words:

if this DNG-Adobe project will see the light (of the three major
camera manufacturers) then expect a controlled link to Photoshop
(like it is now) only even more "payment oriented" once the format
will be widely used.

Do we see a precedent for that? ...certainly not in TIFF or PDF.

you are a good person,

(you clearly must have me confused with someone else... LOL)

look at this whole project with caution

I am nothing if not cautious and skeptical. About everything. But in this case, mostly about the camera makers' motives.

if Adobe was genuinely interested on a free raw concept then why the
5DII raws are not included in the current ACR?

One simple reason, albeit a guess. They have had a delay in developing the update due to Canon's lack of cooperation.

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