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Re: Won't matter ...

Barry Pearson wrote:

echelon2004 wrote:

Excellent. So name a few scenarios where a named product in a
specified workflow will benefit from the use of DNG?

If you want to know why many professional photographers use DNG, I
suggest you ask them yourself, or read what they say.

Ah, but counting you, Ted and A couple more in this thread, that's the total number of persons I know of that use, or at least favor, DNG (I know nothing about you as a photographer).

So while I admit that there might be a lot of things that I don't yet understand about DNG and how it will help me make more money or improve my images or speed up the workflow, I can always rest assured that I'm not alone.

Anyway, as I wrote earlier, I'll drop out of this now, if DNG ever becomes a problem to me I'll engage in it again, as it is now DNG isn't much of a problem either. It just is. A little bit


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