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Re: Won't matter ...

Eric Chan wrote:

In any case, I respect your opinions, and constructive criticism of
DNG is welcome, but I must confess to being surprised by the level of
animosity being shown towards DNG.

Well, I have a few reasons, some of which have really nothing with DNG to do

First of all I'm afraid that DNG will slow down the progress in the raw converters. Now we have a situation where they need to add support for new cameras and while they're at it they fix other things. Being fast with adding new cameras is a competitive edge, and I want them to compete fiercly.

Second, adding a new step in the workflow costs money, and there's nothing that suggests that DNG files will be more future-safe than native formats.

Now, native raw files in the camera will not be as good as the native ones, simply because that will hurt the major manufacturers. So they'll cripple the DNG versions some. They have to.

Last, and this one I'm not that proud of ...
I hate petitions in forums, especially if they are off topic to begin with.

Maybe I'm just annoyed because I can't see the benefits as so many others seem to be able to.


Either way, I seem to have support from cityphotographer so I drop from this, his support makes me more convinced that I'm wrong than any of "your sides" argument


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