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Re: but what camera to buy?

tko wrote:

"I just wish they'd go out and buy something that DOES meet their
needs and quit harping on the issue."

That's the whole problem. No one would be knocking the 5dII is there
was something else that did what they wanted - they'd just buy it,
like you suggest. But what?

A 50d? Worse noise than the 40d, ISO 1600 is pretty bad.

A Mark III? 10 MP seems awfully tame, is that AF OK now?, about due
for a replacement

An Nikon D700? Who wants to switch brands and lenses and learn a new

I'd spend another $500-$1000 or so to get a 5d w/a better AF and
slightly faster frame rate.

No one is picking on the 5d just for fun. Like is or not, the 50d is
Canon's best, affordable (under $5000), all around camera. After
that, you have to specialize, and get a sports camera or a wedding
camera. Sure, I'm going to buy both and take them on vacation with me?

You'd think if I'm willing to spend $3500 or TRIPLE the price I
could get a Canon that was better than the 50d in all respects, not
just one or two specific areas.

So, I promise you, as soon as Canon comes out w/a 15 MP mk III at
under $4000 street I'll stop whining.

Great post!

In addition to your points, as a pro, I need to have reliable back-up equipment. I always buy my camera bodies in pairs, because what would happen if lets say, the shutter fails, or I drop a body, and the nifty body I have suddenly becomes unusable while at an important job? I have to use my back-up body, or my second body. I'd rather have the same body as my main body as my 2nd/ my back up.. instead of a much lesser type of camera body... Like going from a 5D to a 20D.. That just doesn't cut it for me or my clients..

Thanks to Canon not giving us a decent body that gives me what I need in a body that can do everything I need,..I have to buy not just a "studio" camera, and a "sports" camera, but a pair of each!..

That is how they make their money, and why they are _ _ _ _ _ _ _ us in the _ _ !!

They believe that if they give us a camera body that does everything that many of use would really desire in a body, that they wouldn't be able to make enough money to be as profitable..

Now,...if I want to set up a remote camera to shoot through a backboard at a basketball game,..I am going to use a FF body.. because a 1.3 format body crops too much of the frame for my tastes. I'd rather have a FF body to do the job, but that makes me have to fork out 16 thousand bucks to afford a pair of "S" (studio) bodies....one for each hoop,...OR, I can use a 5D, which has much longer shutter lag time, slower fps, and slower top sync speed, but costs 3 thousand bucks per body.. For the price of two of them, I can use a pair of 5D bodies to shoot as remotes, that can do a so-so job, and miss a lot of shots when peak action is taking place! ........Sigh... ..So I am compelled to buy a paid of "S" bodies instead! ....hence the reason why Canon designs the 5D bodies the way they do.....to annoy us into buying the much more expensive more featured camera body with a slightly faster frame rate! Yep,...if I want a faster frame rate, then I will have to use a body with image limitations such as a cropped format, and more more noise! ....(good thing I have a lot of hair to pull out!)

That's it in a nutshell!

What ever happened to the good old days when the Canon A2/A2e gave us just 1fps slower frame rate than the 1N, but provided us with the same AF system as the 1N had, that was FF,...not an APS film body, not quite as robust, which was reflected in the cost..?

What I'd want is a FF body, capable of 8fps, up to 16MP tops, 8MP for 1/2 sized RAW images, clean iso up to 6400, a decent RAW buffer,....sure, give me a movie mode....BUT don't skimp on the AF system, or the shutter lag & mirror black out time, and I'll gladly fork out $3K + $ accessories for that,....and I'll buy 4 of them that I can use two as remotes, and one on each shoulder, and they will all be the same,...so I can get the job done, and buy more lenses, instead of camera bodies all the time!

I have little hope there will be anything like what I want around the corner though..

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