Pixel density revisited

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Re: Pixel density revisited

natureman wrote:

Word games and delusional denial won't make your argument stronger.
In fact, your word games just look ridiculoous.

Well, in the words of the old BeeGee's song, 'words are all I have'. All you have too, and it's not my fault if you misuse them.

You keep leaving out the word "maximum". Why?

Because 'maximum' is just as bogus as the rest of it. OK, I'll put it in. Please tell me where any camera manufacturer has specified a 'maximum factory designated native image size'. (and please do tell me, you keep on dodging this).

Trade the word magnify for display, show, view, or whatever. There,
is that better?

Some of them make even less sense, but by and large the NQ (nonsense quality) is about the same. The problem's not with the words, it's with the thought processes which produce the words.

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