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now it's easy to talk to you

ted w dillard wrote:

nice. the funny part, is I pretty much agree with your points.

I know.

the moment I realized that you didn't have an agenda I clearly saw that you are genuine.

But answer me one last question.

Why would having a camera that shoots the RAW file, as well as a DNG
file, be a bad thing?

it's not a bad thing "per se": it's a waste of time and energy on our part (at the moment) with also the danger of making a mistake and have a shoot screwed if I wanted to get the real raws and switched to DNG by mistake

eheh .. about that for an answer (not bad, uh?)

well.. It may get better (if only I had more time)

bottom line raws are a serious business. Seriously now: I'd welcome a standard within manufacturers, and their individual support to it.

sorry but I missed the question about who I am: I am a full time photographer, in NYC. Shooting news, products/ads and weddings.

because I am a photographer it may explain the passion but it won't change the fact that a standard needs to be well proven before I (we) adopt it, and over the free current manufacturers' support). And the risk of future restrictions or marketing motivated "moves" is something that I won't even consider, at the moment.

but a standard between Sony, Canon, Nikon and all the others would be a good thing. Definitely. But it has to come from them because they'll have to support it, and 10-20-30 years from now. I believe that you know the reason why I'm pushing in that direction instead of Adobe.

nice talking to you (I mean it). Now I'll leave the discussion and check back later if something big comes out.

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