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Re: Won't matter ...

"but I must confess to being surprised by the level of animosity being shown towards DNG."

Thanks for saying that, Eric. Honestly I'm completely astounded by that in this and other discussions elsewhere. I do, as well, appreciate the discussion... and have learned a few things, but...

I, for one, having had some limited experience working with camera makers, have a lot more animosity towards them for stubbornly resisting this effort, and I blame nothing more than the arrogance and ego of the engineering teams, backed up by the marketing. I think they are doing Photography, the industry, and themselves a grave disservice. I think Adobe should be applauded for what they've done on this, in spite of the camera companies' resistance.

The other thing that just baffles me is the response, "you'll never get Nikon and Canon to pay attention". Well, first, how can you say that? The last petition was 4 years ago and got 10,000 signatures. How can you tell me that part of the reason Nikon and Canon are still at the table, talking, and Pentax and Leica (and others) offer DNG is not, at least in part, because of that? Secondly, there is one sure thing that they pay attention to- sales. If these companies have data that suggests people will make the purchase decision influenced by this, then you can bet you're going to see it as an option. AND the marketing guys will figure a way to make it sound like it was their idea first.

And besides that, what does it cost to sign the thing, whether you feel it's pointless and naive, or not? Please. That's no reason to not support the petition.

To me, this is like going to an automaker and saying, hey, we know, with a slight modification you can make a car that will not only run on gas, but alcohol, grass clippings and Willie Nelson's used french-fry oil, just in case the Middle East decides to fall into the sea. If you make that car, I'd be interested in buying it.

How simple is that?

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