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Re: doesnt make sense the date

Aren't we all waiting - and some people obviously are even desperate - for a new Nikon Pro camera with high pixel count?

As for me, Nikon was quite smart not to introduce at Photokina whatever is coming on the 20th: they will get a lot more attention now, not beeing amongst many others with exciting new products!

Summing up all the details and so called facts that I come across in several forums and threads here, too, I expect a Nikon D4 (or whatever it's called) with an adapted (optimized) version of the Sony 24MP sensor in a similar body as the D3, which I actually really like.
They already made the buffer ready for 5 frames/sec at 24MP!

I certainly expect Nikon to do a lot of research and even produce some prototype parts for possibly larger sensor sizes, but I cannot image them beeing able to develop a whole system (including several pro lenses, like Leica is doing now) within a relatively short time.
Nikon is still very busy optimizing DX and FX cameras and lenses.

I expect some nice, fast primes, optimized for the new FX-sensor on the 20th as well: How about 1,4/24mm, 1,4/35mm and 1,4/85mm?
The new camera and these lenses would satisfy a lot of us.

Later on in 2009 (summer), how about a similar thing happening as with the D700: Same 24MP sensor in a smaller body!?

And let's not forget the updated versions of the 80-400AF and possibly also the 2,8/70-200.

I really think this forum can be good fun, I like to watch your images, too.
So let's not forget about this instead of getting aggressive...

Good light and good luck

'My whole world is a latent image' (by D. Munch)

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