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M Lammerse
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Re: DPReview is Entertainment - reader beware

Hi Matthew,

Matthew Stone wrote:

It amazes me why people would go out of their way to act like jerks
when an individual is posting info that they believe came upon from
(what would be likely considered) a credible source.

I can tell you for 100% it is not By that I mean the info

I'm under KYMS but I would people ask to not think too much of this specific info Otherwise the 20th will be a huge disapointment in relation to THIS post

A bunch of you guys need to take a chill pill and learn some manners.
It is easy to debate the validity of a post and not act like a jerk
in the process.

The excitement is getting too high for some people I guess...20th is coming closer...

As far as I am concerned, I am glad folks post info like this because
it gives us an chance to see what Nikon may have up their sleeves.

Me too!
This forum should be fun, and it really is sometimes.

Does anyone remember the buffer upgrade Nikon offered for what
500.00? It doubled in size didn't it(The cam buffer)? Hmmm.. Double
the pixel count and increase the buffer seems to make some sense
doesn't it

Bufffer does, pixel count doesn't... Again in relation to the details mentioned in the OP's post.

It also seems that both Thom and Jeff-C have been quiet as of recent
regarding any specifics on this, which to me lends itself to the
credibility of a release soon.

Well I'm allowed to say that the release is beginning of next year

Maybe I am wrong, but there seems to

be a correlation between the specific comments they make and

Oh really? I've not noticed it..maybe I should put my focus more on the serious parts of the ehm niews items at this forum

I for one enjoy reading the posts of both and the lively

debates that follow (Which are always well thought out and respectful
of the fellow members of this board)

One thing i enjoy is the cameras' Nikon is making. I was standing today in nasty dutch weather with lots of rain and hard wind for a couple of hours. I forgot to bring camera rain covers, no problem for both tihs lens and camera.

The forum is just plain fun with the exception of people like Illah Borg and several others. Lately i'm too busy with work, so I can't follow all the latest ehm hot toll free number news...directly on my laptoppy

Whatever we get will surely be up to the "Nikon Standard" so we will
all be winnders in the end.

Well actually it is, indeed! For all of us Nikon users...see that last part as a fact


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