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Re: power, viewfinder, etc. requirements...

Joseph S Wisniewski wrote:

RKGoth wrote:

Not buying it. If the sensor is larger than FF, then the power

May actually decrease. Sensor power increases with mp count, but
given the same mp count and equivalent technology, it actually
decreases slightly with increased size. In any case, the sensor is
only about 1-5% of the power requirement of the typical camera: the
display backlight typically draws over 20x as much power as the

I'm more considering the need for greater processor power, larger memories, faster bus speeds. And we already "know" the proposal is for a greater pixel count, since the crop modes are alleged to be "as good as current DSLRS".

viewfinder requirements (no pro is going to want an EVF
on a > FF sensor camera),

Why not? An EVF lets you...

1) instantly zoom in on any area of the image to check focus or
examine a detail: a boon for product, fine art repro, macro,
landscape, and architecture photographers. It's really amazing how
much easier that makes using a tilt/shift lens. Wonderful for
portrait photography, too, if your subject is even mildly

2) instantly preview depth of field, something you just can't do on
an SLR.

EVF requires power, EVF requires resolution to be sharp, etc. Also, I personally like LiveView - on a large screen - for the composition you're talking about. Maybe if you make a waist-level tiltable LCD... but not an eyepiece with an EVF. I don't find them comfortable at all.

Why? Assuming the MX doesn't need to blast away at 9 frames/sec, the
existing D3 processor can just as easily run a 3 frame/sec 36mp

Until the buffer is full. Which would be after 4-5 frames. And then it would need to clear the buffer. ZDs have that sort of limitation.

The Mamiya ZD was immense for a DSLR, though
still "comparable" with the D3.

And most of that was pentaprism.

Well, it would be, if the D3 didn't also include a grip. Compare the ZD to the D700.

Unless Nikon are going to pitch up against the Leica S2, which I
think would be madness (the S2 already - to me - looks like a very
curious choice when the same money will get you an H3DII-31 or 39)

I don't see much future for "spork" format cameras like S2 at
30x45mm, or the new "Mamiya" at 33x44mm. Those are only 27% bigger
than FF. One thing I learnedover the years, if you're not going to go
up by at least a stop (41%, square root of two) don't even bother.
That's basically one full paper size larger, or double the pixels.
The 37x49mm (like that H3DII 39 you mentioned) are one stop up from


can't see them bothering to move out of the 35mm market unless they
were going to launch something like a digital "rangefinder"
equivalent, like the G1 but true 35mm or similar.

That would be interesting.

What if the BIG announcement is a FF or APS compact?

An APS compact with the D300 sensor in a G1-esque body? NOW you have my attention I'll live with the EVF for that combination. FF? Even better.

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