Night photography

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davidmamartin Regular Member • Posts: 324
Re: 2 things.....

LeungPhotos wrote:

  • Tripod

  • Lowest ISO Possible

And even then over expose a bit because the camera will naturally underexpose against bright light.

Point light will give you flare.

Enjoy. And M is your friend. Control the camera, don't let it control you.

This shot was several stops over exposed compared to the metered settings. How much I don't know as it was Bulb and I didn't have anything with the resolution of seconds on it. The local paper published it the next day.

This is another one from the same event but 2 miles closer. My tripod and my feet got damp. I should have put the wellies on. Climbing up old, weed encrusted iron ladders around the harbour at 1am with a tripod and camera was, well, interesting.

And a different composition.


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