Which camera is best?

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Re: its an idiot question..

Ok, it's probably a question that gets asked a lot, from 'newbies' like myself, but if everyone was like you, no-one would get any help and support. I suppose you were a 'newbie' yourself once, but judging from the tone of your reply, you obviously always knew it all and never needed any advice!!!!


trog100 wrote:
your mind is "boggled".. yes and it will be even more "boggled"
after u have read all your replies..

what camera is best.. really is stupid unanswerable question and
its time we starting saying so to the myriad of people that keep
asking it...


  1. #

Diane Clayton wrote:

I have researched this, read the reviews until I'm dizzy, sort of
know what I need , good optical zoom, fast speed for action shots,
not sure about how many pixels, resolution , does the camera need a
stabilizer,etc. Want to print out larger than 10"x8".I Suppose my
brain got a bit addled with all the info out there. Thought I'd
ask the experts,don't need to be treated like an idiot.


Aaron Chazan wrote:

Diane Clayton wrote:
Hi ,

Can anyone answer this question.?



Diane Clayton wrote:


I'm about as amateur a photographer as you can get! I've been
looking for a camera for a while now and there a several that I'm
tempted by. I want to be able to take pics of horses so a fast
camera with a good zoom lens is important. I have around £600 to
spend, not sure how much in $. Digi camera's seem a lot more
expensive in the UK than in the U.S.

I've been looking at the Fuji S602, and the Canon Powershot Pro 90is.

I would like to be able to print up to 12" x 10".

Hope someone can help, my minds boggling with all the info out there.



Why don't you check the camera reviews on this site.
They helped me buy 3 cameras with the knowledge of which had what I
needed and wanted.

Do some research before you ask a question that can't given a good


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