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The point of converting to DNG is simply to have access to a file in the future, regardless of the whims of the makers. Simply that.

By offering an open file, and giving it to the industry, Adobe hopes that the DNG format will have a longer "life". I'm not willing to bet my work on the guess that Nikon will still be in business in 20 years. Or even Adobe. But I'm hoping that JPEGS, TIFFS and DNG files will be.

I was the E10 guy, but I also have years of files from cameras other than the mainstream, including a Megavision S3 for example. Since Megavision is for all purposes, gone, the software is now 10 years old and will only run on a OS9 box. I am supporting, and advising people convert and archive to DNG, while also saving their original RAW files, to give them the best advantage to preserving access to them.

This is not unique to photography. There are countless files of many types that are no longer available because the software no longer exists.

This is not a guarantee, of course, and I certainly understand the concerns of maintaining a huge overhead of backup files, but the presumption is that you'd archive your most important work.

At this point, if you're deciding to use DNG for this purpose, your only option is to build the conversion into your process, as you say, as an extra step. If the camera I'm shooting with shoots DNG as an option, then I'm saved the addition step.

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