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Re: Won't matter ...

Barry Pearson wrote:
Ok, I'll make it very simple for you ...

How is the metadata containing the information about the cfa being added?

Is it by;

a - a converter being able to read the native format or is it
b - a super DNG product by adobe or non-adobe company?

I don't really care WHEN in the chain the native format is being read, native raw must be read and understood, at which time it would be easy to just add support for the native raw format for de mosaicing. The DNG format(s) itself is creating a situation when DNG is needed. We get rid of DNG - no more silly "let's put this file in a bag and pretend it's something else"

I know you really love DNG which is fine.

But apart from the one person in this thread that wanted to use aperture to convert files from some Olympus camera, I have never even heard of someone having any use for DNG woth adding a time consuming step in a workflow. It takes time. What exactly are the benefits? Mind enlighten us, what are the benefits for a working professional?

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