5D AF sucks---see examples

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Re: i would like to see crops from those two:

MM1 wrote:
I definitely agree with you and your opinions on the 5D AF. The red
AF assist light might not help you even then - I was doing some low
light shots (flashed) with my 30D at short range with fast prime,
and even with the AF assist, the accuracy was barely usable with the
center point (and I had to focus recompose for the non-center framed
shots) - there were a lot of OOF shots. Outer AF points couldn't even
lock with the AF assist. So the AF assist might not save you even if
it was accepted.

Now,...lets see you do it!

Certain people will try to hint that you'd need that "sports" camera.

I agree! In fact, the suggestion to use a sports camera for this type of shooting situation only strengthens the argument for a better AF system in the 5D, that costs twice as much as the 50D, which has it!

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