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Re: Why some of it is true.

dchphoto wrote:

Well I'm not making it up.

That remains to be seen.

I personally would have preferred a FF 24mp d700
type camera. I think her story is more credible than
the camera store owners' or some friend who knows

Really? That would give it more resolution than the D700, but with the same size sensor having twice the number of pixels, high ISO and DR would likely suffer. How credible is this preference, since just a few weeks ago you appeared more to want what could be provided by an MX camera :

I get 12 stops DR in the jpgs with my s5. The images
look great! Going from 12 to 7.5 stops of DR is just
not acceptable to me and is the reason why I'm still
waiting for Nikon to build a decent jpg engine in their
pro cameras. Come ON Nikon!

and now, conveniently,"she seemed to tell me everything she new" is pretty much the same as what you recently seemed to want in a new Nikon DSLR.

I suppose that anything is possible, and as you said, we'll know soon enough. But I'm surprised that you didn't ask her if Nikon also planned to introduce a slew of new Nikkors that would be able to effectively utilize a larger sensor, or if they'd change the lens mount to allow the use of MF lenses from other manufacturers, losing many features in the process, as well as lens sales.

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