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Re: and?

ted w dillard wrote:

LOL... (great image pinky-wise).


...and fine, I get that you don't want to give control to Adobe


I'll say it again, I don't understand why Adobe painted is the bad
guy here...

photoshop is the best thing ever, no words to describe my admiration for Adobe.

They gave (for a price but still) the best tool a photographer can get. Hands down. No contest with the competitors (if any)

but we are talking about something else in here.

it seems to me the camera makers are the ones being
selfish, shortsighted and the photographers are the ones suffering.

everybody wants top make money with the photographers, from the guys selling diffusers for the flash to the manufacturers. Everybody.

problem here is that the availability of a true (and free) tool to handle the digital pictures is consolidated with the manufacturers. Come on now.. I know that you understand exactly what I mean.

can a photographer trust adobe 10 years from now? (my first digital files are 7 years old now, so 10 years is not that big). Adobe made a marketing decision to link the raws of the new models to sell the upgrades. Again that's within their rights, absolutely: just it doesn't look good when promoting the "free raw" concept because I see a specific interest. Do we?

Sorry, that's also a fact.

Canon for example still supports the raws from the cameras I had 7 years ago. And that's a fact. If they don't do that there may also be legal implications.. if you think about it: a third party software corporation can restrict the use of the product but the manufacturer can't.

and make no mistakes: the exact moment I see Canon making some kind of trick or restriction to their software I'll become ferocious. So it's not about Adobe.

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